Only 110 years after Birmingham’s first female attorney, Maud McLure Kelly, began practicing law, the modern day world of women lawyers is vast and formidable. The importance of such diversity in the legal profession reverberates not only to those female law students searching for inspiration and mentors, but also to practicing women attorneys embracing camaraderie in an often male-dominated field, and even to clients desperate for the right ear to hear their stories.


We are proud to announce that four of our female attorneys have been nominated in B-Metro’s 2017 Top Women Attorneys list. As a firm that believes in and works for equality on all fronts, we applaud the following women of Wiggins Childs for working diligently in the name of justice through their education, professionalism, and community outreach:


  • Deborah Mattison - Children’s Educational Rights Litigation with a focus on Special Education and Section 504


  • Candis McGowan - Civil Rights, Employment, and Wage & Hour Litigation



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