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A New and Improved Website

It has been a busy year so far at the law firm of Wiggins, Childs, Pantazis, Fisher, and Goldfarb, LLC.  We have had the great fortune to engage with new clients, begin new cases, and work with new law firms.  We have been able to reach positive resolutions in tough, important cases.  And we have continued to grow and improve as a law firm.  We have also experienced great loss recently, as one of our founding members, Bob Childs, passed away.

Throughout the ups and downs of life and business, our firm’s commitment to our clients, the law, and to justice, has never wavered.  Now, as we debut a new website, we strive to continue to improve the ways in which we serve our clients, the ways in which we work with referring attorneys, and the ways in which we explain the powerful, important work that our firm does on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy visiting us on the new website, and that you will continue to check back in for blog updates about our practice, including Q&As with members of the firm, and highlights of recent cases.

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