Upcoming Hearing in Campbell v. Amtrak

There is news of progress in the Campbell, et al. v. Amtrak case. The District Court in D.C. has set a hearing on all pending motions for May 11, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. We don’t know if that means the judge will be issuing rulings on those pending motions at that hearing, or if the judge has questions, or desires argument from counsel on the issues in those motions, or perhaps the judge has something else in mind. We have asked, jointly with Amtrak’s lawyers, for a clarification on the purpose of the hearing, and the Court may or may not issue a clarification of the purpose of the hearing. Either way, we will be prepared to argue all the motions and to advocate for our desired path ahead for the Campbell case. In any event, it seems that rulings on the outstanding motions – including the all-important class certification motion – will be made in the near future. So please check here again for an update immediately after the May 11 hearing.