$19 Million Dollar Judgment Against Tyson Foods, Inc. – Unpaid Wages, Unpaid Overtime, Donning & Doffing Fair Labor Standards Act,

A Nebraska Federal Judge on Thursday entered a $19 million judgment against Tyson Foods Inc. in a class action brought by meat processing-line workers who said the company didn’t pay them for time spent donning and doffing protective gear, finally settling a dispute over damages in the case. U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Bataillon entered final judgment in favor of the plaintiffs following a bench trial in January 2013. The judge found that $6.3 million in overtime pay was sufficient for plaintiffs’ compensatory damages, which were then added to $12.5 million in liquidated damages already decided in May for a total award of $18.8 million.

Represented at trial by Robert L. Wiggins, Candis McGowan, and Daniel Arciniegas.